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Orders will be shipped mid August to early September based on harvesting and curing conditions provided by mother nature herself.

We offer GOURMET GARLIC: garlic seed, eating garlic and garlic scapes. If the garlic you are looking for is not available please contact us.

We consider garlic bulbs sized 1.75″ in diameter and larger as garlic “seed”. The larger the bulb, the larger the cloves. Which yields larger bulbs come harvest time.

We consider bulbs sized less than 1.75″ in diameter “eating” garlic.

Garlic seed and eating garlic can both be planted or used in the kitchen!!!

Shipping Costs & Info

All orders are shipped using USPS Priority Mail.

1 lbs = $6.50

2-5 lbs = $9.50

6-9 lbs = $12.50

10-14 lbs = $18.5

15-19 lbs = $22.5

20+ lbs = FREE SHIPPING (excluding scapes)

To arrange for local pickup please contact us at or call (608)-635-6832.


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